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Welcome to Caliber Public Schools

At Caliber we believe all of our students will become academically college ready, grow in their emotional intelligence, become critical thinkers, and agents of change. Caliber’s priority is to provide students what they need to succeed academically. Each year we analyze data and reflect on where gaps exist and why. We also work to implement a strengths-based approach to school, where students can reach their full potential.

Our students are diverse in so many ways. We want to celebrate each of their individual identities and individual talents and interests. Caliber works to affirm and validate all of our student and staff members’ unique identities, and we do so by celebrating a wide variety of cultures and personal identities. Caliber is called home to so many families, and we hope you find that sense of community with us as well. 


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    Distinctly Caliber

    Our goal is to equip every Caliber graduate with the real world skills they need to succeed through college, career and life