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Diverse, great work environment, collaboration amongst colleagues
Previous employee. 2021. Comment on
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Great community and place to work. The staff is compensated very well. The administration is organized and cares greatly for the staff.
Current employee. 2021. Comment on
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Caliber has the most robust mental health staff of any school system I have worked in. The team believes in the potential of students and works to make sure that students have what they need to succeed academically and emotionally.
In addition, I have never been at a school system where the CEO actually took time to listen to teachers and staff. There are monthly CEO coffee chats where staff can share how they are feeling and what they are hoping for.
Current employee. 2021. Comment on
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Mission-aligned, amazing parent and staff community, always looking to get better.
Current employee. 2021. Comment on
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I have been here for several years and hope to be for several more. I can share so much but as a Black educator it's important that I share my experience from that perspective. I love the way Caliber Public schools affirms their Black students and teachers. It is so refreshing to work at a school that has: A Black CEO, 75% Black Principals, Black Leadership including APs, ICs, and Black Clinicians and Black Teachers - in abundance, serving kids that look like them. I love that diversity and equity is prioritized and centered.
Teacher retention is high, clear pipelines for development (content leads, career pathways, support for PD etc.) and lots of joy. I feel affirmed and supported in my work and I am so thankful that there are thoughtful attempts to hold problematic staff accountable. This work is about equity and I love that we are held accountable for dismantling white supremacy and celebrating the beautiful diversity of our staff and students. I am so grateful to be part of our Vallejo family.
Current employee. 2021. Comment on
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Caliber Public Schools prides ourselves in holding our missions and values at the forefront of our staff culture. Feedback, affirmation and validation, collective responsibility, and empathy and kindness are our core values.